Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Have a Rotten Birthday Oscar the Grouch!

Oscar the Grouch's birthday is today, June 1st. 

Oscar the Grouch is a grumpy Muppet character featured on the long-running children's television show Sesame Street. Oscar is a furry, green creature referred to as a Grouch, not only because of his disposition, but because it is his species origin as well. Although he is the son of Canadian born parents and now resides at Sesame Street, Oscar's hometown is Grouchland, USA. Oscar debuted in Sesame Street's first season in 1969, which would make him 42 years old, but just as Big Bird will forever be 6 yrs. old, Oscar has always been, and will always be 43.

Like all Grouches, Oscar loves trash, so much so that his home is in a trash can, and, like all Grouches, Oscar's grand aim in life is to be completely and utterly miserable, it's what makes him happiest, which he doesn't like at all! Oscar's long-time companions include his pet worm, Slimey, his pet elephant, Fluffy (who both live in the trash can with him) and his girlfriend, Grundgetta. Oscar does a great job at being a Grouch, but every once in awhile, to the disappointment of his family (and himself), his kinder, more gentler side shows through. 

The Creation of Oscar
Oscar's character came about when Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets) and Jon Stone (involved in the creation of Sesame Street) went to a restaurant and were waited on by a man who was so rude and grouchy that it surpassed annoying and became funny to the two men. Oscar's character was based on the waiter.

Carroll Spinney has been the performer (puppeteer) of Oscar the Grouch ever since the beginning in 1969. Spinney, who also performs the Big Bird character, came up with the voice for Oscar, when on the first day that he was to perform the character, he rode in a New York taxi cab and the Bronx taxi driver snapped, "Where to, Mac?" Spinney patterned Oscar's voice after the cab driver's voice.

Jim Henson originally intended for Oscar's fur color to be purple, but cameras of the day did not capture the color right, so Oscar was changed to orange. After about a month of taping, Oscar was revamped and his color was changed to green. Oscar's explanation for the color change was that he had vacationed at Swamp Mushy Muddy, and due to the dampness there, his orange fur had grown a covering of moss, which he quite liked, and decided never to wash off. 

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