Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lumpy Rug Day

Hi. Here's a fun one! Today is Lumpy Rug Day! So what exactly is Lumpy Rug Day? Well there are differing opinions:

1. It's for all the people who are in desperate need of a new toupee.
2. It has a symbolic meaning for those people who tend to sweep things under the carpet - time to "clean house" as it were. OR...
3. It's time to clean house, literally. We're in spring cleaning mode (well I'm sure someone is in spring cleaning mode) and it's time to bid a fond farewell to all our dirty, worn, threadbare, 'lumpy' rugs.

So, I say, whether you chose one, two, or all three of these reasons to celebrate - make it fun or die tryin'! At ehow.com you can find some fun ways to celebrate the day, or come up with something all on your own. Hey, maybe you can duct tape your lumpy rug around your body, go to the top of a big hill, have your friends stand down at the bottom, then roll down the hill and see if you can knock them over like bowling pins! Now don't be like that, it was just an idea!

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