Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clean Up Your Room Day

Does your kid's room look like a cyclone went through it? Is it wall to wall toys, clothes, and stuff? If you have to wade through a sea of clutter to find your child, today may be your lucky day, 'cause it's Clean Up Your Room Day!

You may be thrilled about this "holiday", but I'm willing to bet your children will be less than enthusiastic when you break the news to them. Do it gently, maybe over milk and cookies, and be prepared for the worst. 

Try to make it fun. Turn on some upbeat music. Make a game out of it. See who can pick up the most amount of stuff during a song and give prizes, rewards or a truckload of praise for their efforts.

Here at wikihow.com you'll find a system for conquering even the messiest of rooms. And remember, you're not off the hook, Clean Up Your Room Day includes your room too. Work hard and keep the goal in mind. The peace and joy of having a clean room is well worth the work to get it there.

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